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Why Writing Skills Are So Important for Students and How to Write

There are two types of essay formats. These types include formal essays and informal essays. Formal essays are further categorized as an academic style of writing, particularly, informal essays. Essays are of different types such as expository essays, descriptive essays, analytical essays, critical essays, argumentative essays, and literary essays are the most important ones. Essay writing, despite the fact, which essay type is chosen requires certain skills to  write my paper an effective and impressive essay. There are several skills described by professional essay writers. Few of those skills will be discussed here that every student should know to write an effective essay.

Although, formal essays require a specific academic style of writing, argumentation, logical reasoning and strong vocabulary; hence, most of the discussion is carried out regarding formal essays.

The foremost skill that students need to develop for writing an essay is to make an outline  and follow the proper format of the essay. The introduction is the first readable part of the essay that consists of background information to the topic of the essay leading towards the thesis statement. The should accurately write the introduction portion of the essay as it precisely sets the direction of the essay. Then, the second part of an essay is called the body paragraphs in which every paragraph contains a separate supporting idea discussed in the thesis statement. Last part of the essay called the conclusion, restates the thesis statement and summarizes the analysis stated in body paragraphs. All students need to follow this proper format to write an effective academic essay.

Another important skill for writing an essay is the comprehensive research carried out on the essay topic. Doing proper research work can make an essay writer completely understand the topic. In doing so, an essay writer will be able to address all issues concerning the topic. It also helps to understand gaps in the previous research works related to the topic. In this way, an essay writer finds himself competent enough to find gaps in the previous works and can write better on the topic. Therefore, it is important to develop the skill of carrying out effective research on the topic before actually start writing on the essay topic. 

The other important skill to master an essay is the use of academic language and vocabulary. One must not write a formal essay with an informal style of writing. Academic essays strictly prohibit the use of slang and informal language while writing an academic paper. Besides this, for writing an essay, one must know specific terminologies that are particularly used for the topic or subject on which the essay is being written. The use of specific jargon and appropriate word choice asserts a powerful impression on the reader and makes writing look powerful and convincing. In this regard, you may seek help from paper writing service to write an effective document for you. However, one should not use very complex and vocabulary that is difficult to decipher. Right choice of words; use of easy and impactful words can make essay writing to be assertive and powerful. The main purpose is clarity of thought that should be reflected through the words and language used in the essay. 

All paragraphs of the essay must be relevant to the thesis statement of the essay. Lack of relevance of topic sentences to the main theme of  an essay makes an essay incoherent. Proper attention should be given while writing paragraphs in the body of essay. All paragraphs must support and related to the main argument of  an essay. Lack of relevance between the argument and supporting ideas makes an essay lose its importance and impact. However, if you are unable to write an essay and find it difficult to maintain relevance among all paragraphs, you may ask some professional, “could you write my essay”? in this way you will get your job done by some professionals. Each body paragraph of the essay must address one central idea. Further, that central idea must be pointed out as a topic sentence in the first line of the paragraph. Moreover, there should not be any redundancy in the paragraphs of the main body. 

Moreover, every claim made in the paragraphs of the essay must be supported by some strong textual, statistical or empirical evidence. General claims should be avoided. Only sound and valid claims should be made while writing an essay. Providing proper evidence to each claim in the essay will make an essay look sound and logical. Therefore, one must develop the skill of making sound claims that must be supported by valid evidence. One thing more! Remember to acknowledge the work of authors you have cited in your essay. otherwise , it would be considered as academic dishonesty. 

To conclude, essay writing requires students to develop certain skills for writing an effective essay. Thus, maintaining the proper format of the essay writing, extensive research work, use of academic language, making sound and valid arguments, developing proper thesis statements, and providing logical support to the claims are few of the skills that every student must know to write an effective essay.


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Common Mistakes Authors Make in The Introduction Section

An introduction is the integral and the most important part of the essay. The introduction is the first thing, after the title, that grabs the attention of the reader. An impressive and masterful paper introduction asserts a powerful impact on the minds of the reader, whereas, a weak and illogical introduction asserts a bad impact on the reader of the paper. Introduction of the research or paper that makes a reader decide whether to read full research or to leave it. If a researcher has write my paper a strong, logical, and attention-grabbing introduction only then a reader consider the entire paper worthy of reading for his/her research. 


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An introduction serves various purposes. The introduction part of the paper gives the background of the paper. Along with the background, it also enlists objectives, purpose,  hypothesis, thesis statement, and research questions of the paper. Thus, it can be said that introduction provides an overview of the paper. A good and well-written introduction is the foundation of whole research or paper. Therefore, proper attention must be given to the introduction as the whole credibility and quality of the paper depends on this section. However, if you cannot write a good introduction by yourself, you may ask an essay writer to write an introduction for your document. There are some steps and tricks provided by the professionals for writing an impressive introduction for the paper. A few of those steps will be discussed here.

First of all, writing an introduction requires beginning with a background of the topic. There are two approaches to write background. These are from general to specific approach and from specific to general approach. Any one of the approaches can be used to write a background however, the most common and most feasible approach is using general to specific approach. Starting from a broad perspective and going down to the specific topic of the paper can build the proper background of the paper. 

This method of providing background to the topic can help to build an impactful introduction of the topic. Narrowing down the introduction to the research topic by provides a powerful impact of the paper. Thus, the first thing for writing a masterful paper, an introduction builds up a strong background, then leading it to link it with the background. 

A writer should never forget to write the importance of the research topic and aims of the paper in the introduction. Clear thoughts should be delivered in the introduction about the aims of the research. Also, the introduction part must include the motivation behind searching a specific topic. This reflects that research is carried out with a proper plan and has certain aims and objectives. Therefore, proper enlisting of aims, importance, and objectives is necessary to write in the introduction paragraph.

After building a proper background of the topic and stating the aims, importance, and objectives of the research, the next step is the enlisting of relevant research taken out in the same field of the research topic. Attention should be given to the fact that previous research should be cited but not excessively. At this stage, you can take help from a essay writing service to conduct a research for you and also write relevant research for your document.  Excessive citations of other research undermines the importance of your research. Therefore, one should not only focus on the other researches but with the aid of compare and contrast, critically review them, as to how they are useful in your research topic. Besides this, excessive use of citation makes the reader lose interest in the research; therefore, ensure a balanced literature review in the introduction section. 

The next step involved in writing a masterful paper introduction is highlighting the hypothesis, research question, or thesis statement of the paper. For empirical studies, the hypothesis remains the best choice whereas research questions can be used to carry out any research type. One should take this factor in mind that it is not necessary to state research questions always in the form of interrogation rather research questions can be written in the form of description.

Most of the students find it difficult to write a thesis statement in introduction.When I write my essay, I also find it difficult to incorporate proper thesis statement. Stating a thesis statement, hypothesis, or research question is the main part of the introduction. One should write this part of the introduction with more care and attention.

After stating thesis statement, research question, and hypothesis of the paper, it is better to give an overall introduction to each part of the paper. Giving an idea about the overall research paper in the introduction asserts the powerful impact of the research on the reader. Overview of all sections in the whole research gives an idea about the whole research to the reader. 

However, a writer should keep this thing in mind that an overview of all parts of the research should be kept short. Making lengthy introductions in research makes the reader lose attention and interest in the research paper. Also, writer should not write whole research points in the introduction as this practice will make the reader ignore the rest of research paper. Thus, an introduction should be kept small, short, and impactful.

An introduction is the most important part of the paper. Attention must be given to write an impactful introduction for the paper by paper writing service. Starting from the background, enlisting aims, objectives, the importance of the research paper, research question or hypothesis of the paper, proper research citations, are few of the steps that if followed can help to write a masterful paper introduction.



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Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing (MLA format)

Citations are an important aspect of academic writing. Especially, when you  write my essay  or a research-based essay or assignment. Citations are used to give credit to the author of the idea or information that you have used in your research paper. Also important to avoid plagiarism in your writing. Plagiarism is the concept when you use someone else's work and present that work as yours, without giving the credit. to generate authenticity to your research.


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         There are several ways of citations, depending upon the formatting style you are using to write your essay or your paper. There are several formatting styles of writing an essay or a research paper such as APA, AMA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. In For instance, in APA format, the in-text citations are done with the last name of the author, along with the date of publication (Arthur, 2019). If you need help for your assignment take help from Similarly, in Modern Language Association, the style of in-text citation is different. In the previous 8th edition of Modern Language Association, you were only required to incorporate the last name of the author. However, in the newly introduced 9th edition of Modern language association, you are also required to provide the page number of the source (Arthur, 54).

         Modern Language Association is one of the most widely used formatting styles in the field of academic writing. There are two ways of citations when using the Modern Language Association formatting style. One way is that you paraphrase an idea from a book, and write it in After paraphrasing, you are required to put the last name of the author along with the page number from which you paraphrased. For instance, gun violence is strongly associated with the possession of guns under gun rights (Author's Last name, page number).

         Another way is that you take the complete sentence as it is, from the original author and do not paraphrase, for this, you will have to write the quote in inverted commas. For instance, “Gun rights allow people to possess guns, and as a result, people sometimes use it anger. ”(Author's Last name, page number). Being an  essay writer , you might already know this technique because this is similar to most of the other formatting styles.

         The above method is acquired when you have used the quote from some other source which is less than four lines. Or, similarly, for the poetry, it is less than three lines. However, for quotes that are more than four lines of prose, You will have to use block formatting rule. The block formatting, nevertheless, is a bit technical thing to do. When there is a need to incorporate direct quotes from the source, I use the following steps to  write my paper

           The first step is to introduce the quote in your word, in one sentence, before you put it on the paper. A sentence or two will be enough to tell the reader why the quote relates to the argument you have provided. It is easy to However, you can also take help from a professional  paper writing service  in this regard.

         The next step is when you have provided the introduction to the quote, jump to the next line. Like the rest of the Modern Language Association, the quote is written in double line spacing. However, you need to double indent the quote and remove the inverted commas. Similarly, at the end of the quote provide the intext citation in the following format (last name of the author, page number).

The last step is also important, yet, many people disregard this important step. It is observed that people end the paragraphs with the in-text citation. However, this is not a standard practice. You should explain the quote after you have done with For instance, a recent study has suggested that gun rights are directly linked with the crime rate: that and conclude the paragraph in a way that relates to the topic sentence of the paragraph.

Gun rights have enabled people to carry guns. Although, it is following the US constitution that allows people to carry guns. However, this has created and linked many criminal activities in the United States. At the time of anger, or any other emotionally unstable moment, people might develop the will to commit a murder. Yet, they can not execute it without a weapon (Xyz, 76).

Therefore, gun rights should be regulated to have a stronger check on who possesses the weapons.

Above is the example to cite quotation while writing in Modern language association. It is simple and can be learned easily. Similarly, it is important to follow these guides, to produce a good academic paper from  essay writing service .

Long story short, direct quotes are an important part of a research paper in every formatting style, as well as in Modern Language Association. The key concept is to introduce the quote in one or two sentences and explain why the following quote is important for your argument. Then, put the quote as it is, with the inverted commas, however, if the quote is longer than four lines, you will have to do it in block format. In any case, the in-text citation is necessary at the end of the quote.


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