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Common Mistakes Authors Make in The Introduction Section

An introduction is the integral and the most important part of the essay. The introduction is the first thing, after the title, that grabs the attention of the reader. An impressive and masterful paper introduction asserts a powerful impact on the minds of the reader, whereas, a weak and illogical introduction asserts a bad impact on the reader of the paper. Introduction of the research or paper that makes a reader decide whether to read full research or to leave it. If a researcher has write my paper a strong, logical, and attention-grabbing introduction only then a reader consider the entire paper worthy of reading for his/her research. 


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An introduction serves various purposes. The introduction part of the paper gives the background of the paper. Along with the background, it also enlists objectives, purpose,  hypothesis, thesis statement, and research questions of the paper. Thus, it can be said that introduction provides an overview of the paper. A good and well-written introduction is the foundation of whole research or paper. Therefore, proper attention must be given to the introduction as the whole credibility and quality of the paper depends on this section. However, if you cannot write a good introduction by yourself, you may ask an essay writer to write an introduction for your document. There are some steps and tricks provided by the professionals for writing an impressive introduction for the paper. A few of those steps will be discussed here.

First of all, writing an introduction requires beginning with a background of the topic. There are two approaches to write background. These are from general to specific approach and from specific to general approach. Any one of the approaches can be used to write a background however, the most common and most feasible approach is using general to specific approach. Starting from a broad perspective and going down to the specific topic of the paper can build the proper background of the paper. 

This method of providing background to the topic can help to build an impactful introduction of the topic. Narrowing down the introduction to the research topic by myperfectwords.com provides a powerful impact of the paper. Thus, the first thing for writing a masterful paper, an introduction builds up a strong background, then leading it to link it with the background. 

A writer should never forget to write the importance of the research topic and aims of the paper in the introduction. Clear thoughts should be delivered in the introduction about the aims of the research. Also, the introduction part must include the motivation behind searching a specific topic. This reflects that research is carried out with a proper plan and has certain aims and objectives. Therefore, proper enlisting of aims, importance, and objectives is necessary to write in the introduction paragraph.

After building a proper background of the topic and stating the aims, importance, and objectives of the research, the next step is the enlisting of relevant research taken out in the same field of the research topic. Attention should be given to the fact that previous research should be cited but not excessively. At this stage, you can take help from a essay writing service to conduct a research for you and also write relevant research for your document.  Excessive citations of other research undermines the importance of your research. Therefore, one should not only focus on the other researches but with the aid of compare and contrast, critically review them, as to how they are useful in your research topic. Besides this, excessive use of citation makes the reader lose interest in the research; therefore, ensure a balanced literature review in the introduction section. 

The next step involved in writing a masterful paper introduction is highlighting the hypothesis, research question, or thesis statement of the paper. For empirical studies, the hypothesis remains the best choice whereas research questions can be used to carry out any research type. One should take this factor in mind that it is not necessary to state research questions always in the form of interrogation rather research questions can be written in the form of description.

Most of the students find it difficult to write a thesis statement in introduction.When I write my essay, I also find it difficult to incorporate proper thesis statement. Stating a thesis statement, hypothesis, or research question is the main part of the introduction. One should write this part of the introduction with more care and attention.

After stating thesis statement, research question, and hypothesis of the paper, it is better to give an overall introduction to each part of the paper. Giving an idea about the overall research paper in the introduction asserts the powerful impact of the research on the reader. Overview of all sections in the whole research gives an idea about the whole research to the reader. 

However, a writer should keep this thing in mind that an overview of all parts of the research should be kept short. Making lengthy introductions in research makes the reader lose attention and interest in the research paper. Also, writer should not write whole research points in the introduction as this practice will make the reader ignore the rest of research paper. Thus, an introduction should be kept small, short, and impactful.

An introduction is the most important part of the paper. Attention must be given to write an impactful introduction for the paper by paper writing service. Starting from the background, enlisting aims, objectives, the importance of the research paper, research question or hypothesis of the paper, proper research citations, are few of the steps that if followed can help to write a masterful paper introduction.



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