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Learn different referencing styles: A beginner's guide

Kahn is a South African and has come to the UK to study. He was at the end of his first semester and was very enthusiastic about the final assignment of the semester. The assignment was worth 50 % of his coursework for essay writer. He was shocked to see that the instructor had given him an F grade in the course and specifically in the final assignment. On probing further, he read the teachers’ comments that the formatting and citations in the assignment were all wrong.

In this article, we will discuss the important aspects of the three or four most commonly used citation styles.

American Psychological Association (APA)

It is one of the most common styles of writings and it can be used for different forms of assignments. An APA style paper mainly has the following sections:

Title page

Abstract showing a summary of the work

Introduction to the paper





There are some specific details associated with the APA style formatting. A professional paper writing service can help you in formatting the assignment appropriately. However, the following are the major requirements for the APA format.

Running head with the shortened title

Page numbers start from the title page

Times New Roman 12 size font

Double Spaced

Indented Paragraphs

The APA-style paper or assignment should not have any biased words in the text. Since the style is followed by the academic and research institutions, the assignment should be written in a very neutral language.

References are used both in-text and at the end of the document. The in-text citation for essay writer online will include the last name of the author, year, and page number. When there are three or more authors in this style, the citation includes the last name of the first author followed by et., al.

Examples: Training programs have been developed by many researchers aimed at improving the ability of the locals to understand others’ accents (Drawing et al., 2002)

Drawing, T. M., Rossiter, M. J., & Munro, M. J. (2002). Teaching native speakers to listen to foreign-accented speech. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development23(4), 245-259.

Some of the material will be sourced through web pages and they are cited by using the author and date if it is known. If there is no author available, the title of the webpage will be used in the citation. If there is no date mentioned in the document, (n.d.) is used after the last name of the author for ‘write my essay’ tasks.

Examples: Teens can face depression and other mental disorders as a result of excessive use of social media (Asmelash, 2019)

Asmelash, L. (2019, August 14). Social media use may harm teens' mental health by disrupting positive activities, a study says. CNN. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/13/health/social-media-mental-health-trnd/index.html

There is a little difference in the in-text citations at the end of the sentence and the beginning of a sentence as shown below:

A study found that the speaker should be familiar with the topic if a good non-native speech is to be delivered (Gass & Varonis, 1984). This is called a parenthetical citation.

Gass & Varonis (1984) found that the most important aspect while making a non-native speech is to comprehend the topic properly. This is called a narrative citation.

Modern Language Association (MLA)

The Modern Language Association developed this format and citation style. When I opt to write my essay, I prefer this style because of its simplicity. The following guidelines will help in understanding this formatting style in a better way for essay writer free.

The writing should start one inch below the top of the first page and just next to the left margin.

The header includes the last name of the author just next to the page number

Your name, instructor’s name, course name and number, and date are written at the start in separate lines and with double space between them.


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« Impress the admission committee with your personal statement - Simple Tips - 2022 Guide | トップページ | Components of Admission Essays - Guide »




« Impress the admission committee with your personal statement - Simple Tips - 2022 Guide | トップページ | Components of Admission Essays - Guide »