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Topic: An In-Depth Guide To Write A Literature Review Of A Dissertation

Literature reviews are an essential component of research papers since they assist people in incorporating pertinent studies and research into their work. Including a comprehensive literature review is important since it allows people to add credibility to their arguments as well as identify limits and gaps in prior research that can be used to build on the subject area of interest. 

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Returning to our topic of writing literature reviews, it is important to note that including relevant research is not the only aspect that must be considered when producing a successful literature review. You must critically analyze your target source, which should be followed by the identification of the key concept that is relevant to your study. A good literature review is distinguished by the ability to adjust target studies in a coherence that is consistent with the whole evaluation.

For your convenience, we've included some of the most effective methods and ideas for writing literary reviews in the following section. If you include these ideas in the literature review for your research paper, you will be able to complete it in a short period. 

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  1.     Sources should be identified first

To create a successful dissertation literature review, you must have a clear understanding of the sources you want to examine in your dissertation. Maintain a balanced collection of sources by including an adequate number of books and academic journals, as well as any relevant published work by respected academics.

  1.     When doing research, be certain that you are using the appropriate keywords.

One of the most frequent issues that researchers have while looking for suitable sources is a lack of knowledge of the terms they are studying. Having a thorough knowledge of the chosen subject and the keywords allows the writer to do a literature study with the greatest amount of flexibility. Once you've mastered the art of searching for the appropriate keywords, you'll have no trouble locating target sources to include in your literature review to strengthen it. 

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  1.     Extensive investigation on your target sources

As soon as you have identified a suitable source, be sure to thoroughly examine all the important aspects of that article. Investigate the methods used by the researchers, as well as their results and how they apply to your study subject. Don't forget to annotate all the major components so that you can simply integrate them into your literature evaluation later on.

  1.     Take into consideration any research gaps

One of the most important considerations when preparing a dissertation literature review is determining the research gap. For example, when I write my essay I do a thorough reading of my source to identify the gaps in the research under evaluation.

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Identification of the research gap is critical for demonstrating the uniqueness of your study; it demonstrates that you are not just retelling or regurgitating previously published findings. This indicates to the reader that you are well-versed in your chosen area of study's current state of literature, and it also reflects the amount of research and work you have put into your review.

  1.     Use Up-to-Date Sources

Since scientific work has advanced significantly over the years, your sources must be as current as possible while doing a review of a scientific piece of work. Researchers in the medical profession are continuously updating their findings, Therefore, adding the recent studies in your literature review improves the credibility of your research.

  1.     Organize The Structure of Your Literature Review

A dissertation literature review will be structured in the same way as any other academic work, with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The beginning of a literature review should be concise, to the point, and well-organized. It should provide an overview of the main points of the.

Your literature review will contain an in-depth examination of the academic sources that you have selected to evaluate in the body of your paper. Choose how you want to organize your materials. You may organize them according to topics, technique, or even chronological order. In the body of your review, be certain that your arguments are stated clearly and that you connect these arguments to the literature. 

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In the last part of your literature review, you must provide a summary of the conclusions you have made from your readings and research. If your literature review is part of a larger research proposal, make a point of reiterating the gaps in the existing literature and explicitly stating how your planned study would close those holes in the literature. In this part, you should also provide suggestions for further study, which will show your analytical abilities and get you some additional marks.

  1.     Make your own opinion prominent

The purpose of the literature review is to offer a critical analysis and summary of the many points of view that have been expressed, but part of providing critical analysis and summary is to express your point of view within the framework of the literature review.

  1.     Cite Your Sources Properly

Make certain that your work is properly referenced, and that you utilize the right referencing style.

Here you go with some of the needed tips and tricks using which you can write competent literature reviews for yourself. Follow these guidelines from the start, and you will be done with your reviews in no time.




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