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2021年10月 7日 (木)

Simple Steps to Write a Methodology for a Research Paper


Methodology. I have always found that this is the hardest part of research papers.

You can easily write the other sections but explaining the methods that you have used to come to the results?

It’s easier said than done. But since the methodology is an official section of a research paper, it must be written by best dissertation writing service. One way or the other. However, it is easy enough to tackle in steps.

Steps that I am gonna tell you all about.

Just you wait. You will have this section done in no time.


Step #1: Select the Method

That has to be the first step, of course. An essay writer knows what to write before they write a paper. So, a researcher must know the methods they will use before writing their paper. 

You just need to have a look at your research design and decide which approach and method will be best for your research. And why. That’s important too. 


Step #2: Explain the Approach

You need to talk about your research here or with thesis writing service. In the sense that what kind of research is this?

Did you need qualitative or quantitative data?

Did you conduct the research yourself? Did you use secondary sources? Or is it a mixture of the two? 

This is known as the approach towards your research and it has to be briefly explained.


Step #3: Describe the Method of Data Collection

You must have some sort of data if you are researching. Primary or secondary, it doesn’t really matter.

You just need to explain where this data came from. If it is from secondary sources then cite them.

If you collected it yourself, then mention how. Include the number of participants. Mention that you conducted interviews or surveys or whatever. 


Step #4: Describe the Method of Gaining Results

This is one of the most important details of the section. You will explain the method you will use to analyze your data in order to gain results.

The choice of this method is crucial.

You can apply any number of analytical techniques or mathematical formulas. Just know that you will have to explain these as well. So, be prepared. 


Step #5: Mention the Other Choices

Yes. You need to address the fact that there are other methods that could be used to gain results as well.

And you need to be very specific about it too.

Mention these other methods by their name. Describe them very briefly. Mention what they do. How they could have been used. 

Never say that there were no other methods.


Step #6: Justify

Here comes the hard part, you need to justify why you chose the method that you chose.


You will give the reasons here. You will mention that I used this method because it gives the most accurate results, or that it is the most popular method used to analyze this type of data.

Just give solid reasons. That’s all. 
You can also search for an essay writer free online.


Step #7: Avoid Irrelevance

Lots of people don’t know what to write in this section so they put in irrelevant details. Like mentioning the limitations or spending too much time on other methods.

Remember that you need to be to the point here. 

This means that only discuss what is relevant to the research question and ignore the rest. 

This applies even if your research paper is super long.


Well, now you know!

Just follow these steps. That is all you need to do to get this section done. And if you are in doubt then go to an essay writing service and request write an essay for me. They will tell you all about what to include and what to discard. It’s ok to take help from time to time.

You don’t have to do everything on your own.

So, get help if you need it, and good luck!


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