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What is a Topic Sentence: A Comprehensive Guide 2021

A topic sentence is a sentence that acts as the opening sentence of your essay’s body paragraphs. Readers get an idea of what the rest of the paragraph will be about after reading these sentences. Topic sentences describe the main idea of the paragraph "Write my essay". We have observed that students often find it difficult to formulate topic sentences. Students are unaware of what they are and how to write them. But if you’re one of those students, you don’t need to panic. Many others face the same struggles as you do. Our job is to make sure you overcome these struggles and get on the path of writing a perfect essay with appropriate topic sentences. 



What is a Topic Sentence?

It is the first sentence in a body paragraph. It identifies the end of the discussion of the previous paragraph. Each body paragraph talks about a different idea. Therefore, each body paragraph has a separate and different topic sentence. 

The topic sentence is an important part of the body paragraph, just like a thesis statement is significant in an introduction paragraph. The opening sentences of your body paragraph should be according to the structure of your essay. For example, if the opening sentence is talking about a particular idea, then the following paragraph should consist of statements supporting that idea.

A good topic sentence should be:

  • The main introduction of the body paragraph
  • Clear and precise
  • The first sentence of the paragraph 

You should ensure that the opening sentence is exciting and interesting. This would enable the reader to continue reading the paragraph till the end. 

So, if anyone says, “Define what is a topic sentence,” you can simply say that it is the opening sentence describing the paragraph’s main idea. 

How a Topic Sentence is Different from a Thesis Statement?

Thesis statements are a part of your introductory paragraph. They tell you about the main theme of your essay and communicate your point of view to the reader. These are placed in the middle of the introductory paragraph "essay writing service". On the other hand, topic sentences are different because they present the main idea of each paragraph, not the whole essay. These opening statements are in alignment with thesis statements. 

Types of Topic Sentences

Some common types of topic sentences are:


  • Shocker 


This sentence type presents a shocking statement about the paragraph’s main idea. For instance: 

“Did you know that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated almost four thousand years ago?”


  • Question Type Sentence


This sentence takes the form of a question. The following paragraph answers the question asked in the opening sentence. 

For example: “Ever thought about how many people have celebrated Thanksgiving ever since it started about four thousand years ago?”


  • Personal Anecdote 


In this type of sentence, the writer shares their personal experience related to the essay writer

For example: “Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. When I think of it, I think of delicious food, family get-togethers, and lots of fun.”


  • Descriptive Type of Sentence


This kind of opening sentence describes the main idea or event that the paragraph discusses. 

Example: “Hot and delicious Turkey, bright red cranberries, the aroma of freshly baked bread and potatoes, and delicately spiced pumpkin pie. These words are synonymous with Thanksgiving.”


  • Specific Preview or Overview 


This sentence gives an overview of the idea discussed in the paragraph. 

For example: “Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday that the Red Indians and Pilgrims started. The idea was to share the fruits of the newly founded America.”

How to Write Topic Sentences?

Writing topic sentences is not as easy as it sounds. Opening sentences play a major role in determining your overall essay grade. Therefore, you must follow a set of guidelines to perfect your paragraphs. Have a look at these steps:


  • Formulate your thesis statement 


The first step towards writing an essay is establishing a stance. You present your stance on a particular topic via write my paper. Hence, begin with formulating a thesis statement for your essay.


  • Create essay outline and develop topic sentences 


Next, start creating an essay outline. This outline should revolve around your thesis statement. Decide how many ideas you will use to support your thesis statement. Settle the number of body paragraphs based on your supporting ideas. After deciding the number of paragraphs, start developing topic sentences. You may not get perfect sentences in the beginning, but that is all right. Try different versions, use different expressions, replace vocabulary. You will eventually find perfect sentences.


  • Use pieces of evidence to expand your topic sentences 


After writing the topic sentence, build the rest of the paragraph around it. This is where your supporting evidence will come to play. Use facts, figures, statistics, and any kind of information you found while researching your essay topic.  Make sure that you stick to the original theme of the essay and do not stray. 


  • Revise and improve topic sentences 


Topic sentences are usually just simple sentences, but you can always make them better. Proofread and revise after you are done writing the first draft of your essay. Rewrite as many sentences as needed. Ensure that the whole essay is in one consistent flow.  Presenting links between body paragraphs will give you stronger topic sentences. However, be mindful that the connections between paragraphs are logical. They should not appear to be forced. 

Examples of Topic Sentences

Go ahead and have a look at some examples of topic sentences. We have compiled a list of examples covering different aspects. 


  • Topic sentence sample


Professional baking is a lot more than mixing flour, eggs, and sugar into the bowl and putting it into the oven. It requires precision, and above all, it requires attention to detail and dedication to the craft.


  • Topic sentence in a paragraph examples


Home remodeling is an exciting project, but it could turn into a disaster without proper designer skills and taste. Online interior designing classes and courses are a great way of adding to your skills.


  • Topic sentence for kids


Writing is a thorough process, but by following some easy-to-follow strategies and exercises, you can become a better writer in half of the time. Practice is one such strategy.


  • Topic sentence in an essay


Several human activities are the main reasons behind global environmental pollution. Excess usage of plastic and plastic waste is one such cause and reason.


  • Topic sentence in an argumentative essay


Teen pregnancy may be prevented by improved education. Topic sentences have the power to engage or disengage readers from reading your paragraphs. Therefore, they must be perfect. However, if you are short on time, you can always ask for help "paper writing service". You can contact professional writers online and get your flawless essay before your deadline. They can create amazing topic sentences and produce an A-grade essay for you. So don’t shy away from asking for help!

« Helpful Essay Writing Tips - Guide 2021 | トップページ | Top 10 unusual Emotional Support Animals and their key characteristics »




« Helpful Essay Writing Tips - Guide 2021 | トップページ | Top 10 unusual Emotional Support Animals and their key characteristics »